Typical Fees

All tax services include preparation of federal and state returns, and electronic filing.

1.  BASIC Tax Return: $250 – $375

    • W-2 Based Personal Income Only
    • Dependent(s)
    • Standard Deduction

2.  STANDARD Tax Return:  $375 – $625

    • Multiple Forms of Personal Income (W-2, Interest, Dividends, Retirement (1099-R), Stock Sales, Social Security, Gambling Income, etc.)
    • Dependent(s)
    • Child Care
    • Tuition
    • Home Rental
    • Part-Year Returns

3.  ADVANCED Tax Return:  $625 AND ABOVE

    • Unique Situations (Sale of Home or Property, Like-Property Exchange, Multiple States, Foreign Income Exclusion, Stock Options, K-1 Income, etc.)
    • Multiple Rental Properties
    • Small Business
      • Sole Proprietorship
      • Partnership
      • S Corporation

4.  ADVISORY (or consulting):  $125 per hour / $65 per half-hour

PAYMENT METHODS:  Cash, Check, Credit Card, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, or Bank Transfer (most methods of your choice acceptable)

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